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Welcome to the London Review Bookshop Staff Picks, bringing a flavour of our Bloomsbury bookshop direct to your door, wherever you are. Browse a selection of our favourite books, buy our Limited Edition gift boxes, or sign up to our subscription box to receive a surprise book every month.

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Take a look at what we’re reading here. A selection of books – new and old – that we’re excited to share with you. We’ll update this with new titles regularly, so check back often!

Shop Our Selection

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Shop Subscription Boxes

Limited Edition Boxes

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shop limited edition boxes

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The London Review Bookshop Staff Picks provides a window into our Bloomsbury bookshop, from wherever you are in the world. Choose from individual books we love, special themed Limited Edition Boxes and a monthly subscription service.

Sign up for our monthly subscription box and you’ll receive a surprise novel as well as a few specially selected gifts. We’ll only send you books we love, books that we think deserve a wider audience and that reflect the diverse range on our shelves at the Bookshop. 

Treat yourself or someone else to wonderful books, direct to your door.

discover our books

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12337mm.com:2021-6-3 · 12337mm.com

from Twitter

The London Review Book Box looks like a very good thing. Just saying. You know, if you all weren’t sure what to get me when you club together at Christmas this year.

Ian Douglas

What a great idea from @LRB- a monthly surprise book chosen by their bookstore staff. I've just signed up to @LRBBookbox.

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